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Pneumatic Mechanical Lithotripsy

Several pneumatic lithotriptors are in current use. In the Swiss Lithoclast compressed air repeatedly drives a metal bullet onto a metal rod creating a chisel and hammer effect that fragments the targeted stone. The Lithoclast and the Browne Pneumatic Impactor (BPI) are capable of fragmenting all stones, irrespective of their size or composition. Unlike laser and ultrasonic lithotriptors, there are no thermal sequelae.

Pneumatic lithotripsy utilizes compressed air forcing a metal projectile against a probe, which causes the probe to move back and forth very quickly, resulting in a "jackhammer" effect to fragment the stone.

Advantages of Pneumatic Lithotripsy

  1. Simple to use
  2. No disposable parts
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Relatively inexpensive
  5. Pneumatic lithotripsy comes in both rigid and flexible fibers and can be utilized in rigid and flexible ureteroscopy


  1. A tendency to propel the stone or fragmented stone toward the upper ureter
  2. Flexible fibers may have some decline in force compared to a standard rigid probes

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